ITC Group Poland

is company formed in 2010 by experts experienced in multinational projects for leading companies in telecomunication IT market.

We use our knowledge to delivery sophisticated solution for Telecommunication operators, vendors, and software houses.

Currently we are in the projects of architectural solutions in the area of BSCS and around the billing systems for T-Mobile Group.

We are responsible inter alia for valuation solutions,

receiving and verification of the delivered software.

We are supporting and developing software.

Our consultants have experience:

Took a part on the kernel development in the CMS

customization in Ericsson for Velcom Belerus

Took a part on the making and configuration of non-kernel server working in CMS structure

Made a bug fixing for T-Mobile Nederland after BSCS IX R2 implementation

Took a part in the migration BSCS 5.1 to BSCS IX R1 development in non-kernel and kernel

As the IT experts of the telecommunications market, we have skills to develop systems of many areas. Each part of the complex process of handling subscriber has no secrets for us.

We have experience in the development and integration of the systems such as:

  • Veritas VCS
  • BSCS, NetCracker, BRM, Converse
  • MZ
  • People Soft, Siebel


  • Medation
  • Rating
  • Billing
  • Provisioning
  • Customer Care
  • Supply Chain
  • Data Cluster
  • SAP

We put our cusotmers at the center of what we do

We are flexible and customer oriented

We quickly adapted to a client processes

We cooperate with international experts in many areas


consulting in the analysis of the architectural and functional specifications

help in choosing the best solutions matching your business requirements control and validation of project plan and budget provided by a supplier advice on technical solutions


support telecom companies in the process of software ordering

assistance in software ordering process quality control of the delivered software. New software tests. Power of motivation for a software supplier ensuring "sense of urgency” in the project


modification and development of software based on non-kernel solutions

which are as a key changes in the BSCS (99%)
special utilites for tests, such as „calls generator” or business scenario scripts


Billing System Migration
for mobile operator in Poland

Designed and developed customizations in billing system at software house in Frankfurt

Handling of billing system environments for development and test

Support in data migration

Support in Oracle administration

Developed add-on solutions for handling financial transactions

Performed End-to-End integration tests billing system

Tested non-kernel modules & add-ons of billing system

Prepared and carried out Performance Test of billing system mobile operator in Poland setting up the environments for simulating mass user transactions

Defect fix in kernel and non-kernel of billing system


Billing System Implementation
for mobile operator in Greece

Designed new add-on solutions for handling financial transactions

Developed add-on solutions


Project in Frankfurt

Prepared test specifications for customer customizations

Executed manual test cases for different features based on a given functional specification and design

Joint Development Program
in Frankfurt

Architecture design



Billing System Implementation
for mobile operator in Belarus

CMS customization

Tests kernel and non-kernel


Billing System Implementation
for mobile operator in Belgium

Analysis of business requirements

Designed & developed customizations in the billing system

Data Migration performance tuning

Desgined & developed tool for billing data comparison

Tests kernel and non-kernel


Billing System Implementation
for mobile operator in Bulgaria

Designed new add-on solutions for handling financial transactions

Developed add-on solutions